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About Portion

Portion (Private) Limited was established as limited liability company under the Companies Act, No. 07 of 2007, Sri Lanka.

With the hope to provide ICT solutions for any sectors or people and fill gaps in ICT industry in the country, Portion also has built several products up to so far and branded within the community.

While being a creative and innovative solutions provider using Information & Communication Technologies, we at Portion we do provide all kind of ICT services such as web designing and development services including not only unique websites but also any kind of web driven applications, mobile application development services, internet marketing services, videogrpahy services, etc. We use our experience and knowledge to consult our client how to apply technology to their business grow. Especially we are experts on application development and web. Since today all are going through internet, businesses have good opportunity to reach their audience through the web. But since there is a large competition between same industries, this should have a plan with a good strategy to achieve the target. This is inclusive for all services we provide.

Web design & development

Web is your marketing tool where you can reach your customers easily and quickly. With planning your project with us, you will get not only a website with unique design including both user interface and the strategy & procedure behind it but also the business will be open and visible for many people. And our integrated tools will do the job to maximize and optimize the audience and make more revenue on your business. To learn more on this visit our web development services room which is open for you at any time.

Design & develop mobile applications

Since the number of mobile users has been increased dramatically, there is high potential user base who uses mobile apps. This is a good opportunity for you to reach the audience easily and widen your audience. Because people are having their mobile with them than they are visiting a website, high possibility to keep a user with you is develop a mobile app for your purpose. However everyone is not having same behavior, so this sholud consider relatively and should weight according to your purpose. To learn more and check what we are doing on this, please visit our mobile application development services room at any time.


Videography is a fun thing and can make memorable events always with you. Although it is about filming personal events that we do. But we also do videography to make your business more interest and send the idea to minds that will be memorable for a long time. It will help you to keep your business live with your audience. Sometimes it is a marketing tool and sometimes it is a tool to create help guides etcetra. There are lot of things we can provide for you under this videography service. You should visit our videography services room to learn more and check how Portion can help you under this service because a successful video with a good strategy will deliver your message gaining a broad customer access with strong relationships and a well focused strategy is a contrasting competitive advantage.